A School of Thought


    Founded in 2007, Blacktop UniverseCity was designed to serve as an extension of your everyday academic education. LIFE101


    The mission is to touch the lives of today's generation by encouraging others to be themselves and by helping them tap into their true divine essence. (#BU) Inspiring the greatness & genius that's already inside of us all. Uplifting every human being all across the globe, regardless of each person's current situation, age, gender, educational experience, sexual orientation, ethnic background, socioeconomic status and/or class.


    We inspire everyone in every city, all across the universe to share their gift of greatness & encourage all to share their gift of #GENIUS. Welcome to Blacktop UniverseCity... class is always & currently in session. #BlacktopUniverseCity #BU

    The Love Bomb Room #TLBR is a community that celebrates people through "Love Bombs," which are compliments given to brighten up someone's day. #CatchTheseCompliments


    During a global pandemic (COVID-19), The Love Bomb Room #TLBR established an atmosphere of good vibes. Inspiring people in the community to keep going & reminding one another to celebrate the gift of LIFE.


    Love Bombs are compliments, songs, affirmations, and friendly banter bestowed upon one another while accompanied by segments of live performances and entertaining content produced by Blacktop UniverseCity

    Providing Independent Artists An Opportunity To Get Heard On The Radio!


    45M+ Listeners!