Catch These Compliments™️ ©#CatchTheseCompliments by The Love Bomb Room® is a global movement that celebrates life, people & community through the arts.
    We curate events, shows & festivals to educate, uplift, and heal via our #CatchTheseCompliments live events, installations & brand activations.
    Our content consists of self-love, affirmations, self-care, and health & wellness discussions. We celebrate life & community through live performances, utilizing laughter, music & all forms of art, including architecture & the culinary arts, to foster healing. We are currently on an independently produced, mini-global tour for our series entitled "Heal The Self through The Arts".
    What started off as a gathering on the social audio app during the global pandemic (COVID-19), The Love Bomb Room® #TLBR established an atmosphere of good vibes, inspiring people in the community to keep going & reminding one another to celebrate the gift of LIFE.
    Our "LoveBombs" are compliments, songs, affirmations, friendly banter, live performances, and entertaining content produced by Blacktop UniverseCity® operated under RAMSXOR GROUP LLC.
    Blacktop UniverseCity® is a school of thought where we ENERGIZE the genius and greatness of the masses.
    Our mission is to touch the lives of today's generation by encouraging them to be themselves and inspiring them to tap into their God-given gifts, talents & abilities.
    We achieve this through our movements, various projects & productions: educational videos, social media content, apparel, live events, conferences, festivals, panel discussions, short films, podcasts, and music.
    Founded in 2007, Blacktop UniverseCity® (#BU) serves as an extension of the everyday academic education in a philosophy known as LIFE101.
    We uplift everyone in each city across the globe, regardless of their current circumstances, age, gender, education, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and class via our #BU content.
    #BU inspires people to share their gift of greatness & encourages all to share their gift of #GENIUS.
    Welcome to Blacktop UniverseCity®... class is always and currently in session.
    Operated under RAMSXOR GROUP LLC.

    "Heal The Self through The Arts" is a series of live events & educational videos curated by The Love Bomb Room® #CatchTheseCompliments dedicated to paying homage to each sector of the arts, (Architecture, Music, Visual, Dance, Theatre, etc.) showcasing the importance of it in humanity to promote healing through creativity & self-expression.


    Operated under RAMSXOR GROUP LLC.

    Sounds x Music by BIGHANI.


    Operated under RAMSXOR GROUP LLC.

    Bighani "Tsunami" Energy is the CEO of RamsXor Group LLC, a global company of energizing Brands + Abilities. She is a FilAm entrepreneur, creative professional, producer & humanitarian who has years of experience in the music business & entertainment industry.


    Bighani has worked at Arista Records, The Source Magazine, & Akonik Label Group.


    She founded The Love Bomb Room® Catch These Compliments™️ ©#CatchTheseCompliments, Blacktop UniverseCity®, HEAL THE SELF through THE ARTS SERIES & RAMSXOR GROUP LLC.


    Bighani has been featured on BBC Radio London, Sirius XM's SHADE45, 94.7 The Block on Audacy, Tribe Urban Radio, The Source Magazine, and YahooFinance, just to name a few.